2013-2014 Members of Texas Beta

Class of 2010

Name Hometown Major
Daniel Auffenberg Tulsa, OK Marketing
Wills Bauer San Antonio, TX Finance – Real Estate
William Bould Dallas, TX Finance – Real Estate
William Cummins Houston, TX Finance – Real Estate
Garrett Dillard Fort Worth, TX Env. Earth Resources
Michael Gallagher Houston, TX Finance
Matt Gibson Dallas, TX Accounting
Will Henderson Beaumont, TX Finance – Real Estate
Carter Holmes Houston, TX Economics
Read Hortenstine Houston, TX Env. Earth Resources
Brandon Hulings Houston, TX Applied Geoscience
Jake Kight Houston, TX Finance – Real Estate
Preston Lynn Dallas, TX Political Science
Jarrod McCabe Tyler,TX Economics
Jordan McFarland Dallas, Tx Economics
Matt McLeod Abilene, TX Finance
Anthony Mcmaken Houston, TX Economics
Robbe McNabb Houston, TX Finance – Real Estate
Kevin O’Boyle Dallas, TX Finance – Real Estate
Thomas Pipkin Houston, TX Geology
Chase Pursley Fort Worth, TX Geology
Bryant Reckling Houston, TX Env. Earth Resources
Kevin Ryon Argyle, TX Applied Geoscience
Clay Sneed Houston, TX Env. Earth Resources
Ian Stout Bellaire, TX Business
Sam Strain Houston, TX Env. Earth Resources
Michael Williams Houston, TX Economics

Class of 2011

Name Hometown Major
Robert Bailey Houston, TX Economics
John Bauman Austin, TX Finance
Elliot Bell Dallas, TX Political Science
Carson Cone Houston, TX Env. Earth Resources
Joseph Edling Austin, TX Entrepreneurial Management
Alex Florescu Houston, TX Entrepreneurial Management
Kyle Frazier Houston, TX Applied Geoscience
Max Gerson Houston, TX Mechanical Engineering
Jay Gillespie Dallas, TX Geography
Parker Grainger Houston, TX Undecided
Daniel Harrison Houston, TX Accounting
Hans Ingold Fort Worth, TX Finance
Nick Jones Houston, TX Business
Marshall Krupka Rogers, AR Entrepreneurial Management
Travis Krhovjak Houston, TX Applied Geoscience
Bobby Magness Houston, TX Applied Geoscience
John Morgan Signal Mountain, TN Entrepreneurial Management
Tom Morris Austin, TX Political Science
Price Mulford Dallas, TX Mechanical Engineering
Walker Netherton Austin, TX Entrepreneurial Management
Luke Reed Houston, TX Undecided
Harris Rome Houston, TX Finance
Noble Smith Austin, TX Entrepreneurial Management
Eric Stockley Plano, TX Marketing
Case Thornton Dallas, TX Finance
Travis Waltmon Houston, TX Undecided
Kyle Whitney Bellaire, TX Finance – Real Estate
Johnny Williams Houston, TX Political Science
Hudson Yoder Fort Worth, TX Communications
George Young III Fort Worth, TX Geology

Class of 2012

Name Hometown Major
Nic Aboitiz Terrell, TX Pre-Major
Scott Adair Bellaire, TX Pre-Major
Chris Alo Houston, TX Economics
Caleb Anderson Fort Worth, TX Pre-Major
Cody Busa Houston, TX Business
Peter Cancelmo Houston, Tx Business
Connor Chauncy Llano, TX Business
Tucker Dillard Fort Worth, TX Env. Earth Resources
Henry Dodd Houston, TX Pre-Major
Michael Dunn Houston, TX Business
Hugh Echols Houston, TX Ranch Management
Davis Griswold Bellaire, TX Geology
Mason Harrington Dallas, TX Communications
Curtiss House Hinsdale, IL Business
Henry Knott Lutherville, MD Business
Cole Miller Houston, TX Geology
Ethan Miller Houston, TX Communications
Sam Seligmann Houston, TX Business
Robert Spears Dallas, TX Business
Will Tillery Dallas, TX Political Science
Mitch Titsworth Keller, TX Pre-Major
Brink Van Horn Towson, MD Pre-Major
Chris Villanueva Austin, TX Applied Geoscience
Marshall Young Fort Worth, TX Geology

Class of 2013

Name Hometown Major
Jack Bailey Houston, TX Pre-Major
Eric Barbas North Reading, MA Pre-Business
Josh Davdson Fort Worth, TX Geo Science
Austin Davison Houston, TX Pre-Business
Robert Flautt Webb, MS Biology/Pre-Medicine
Travis Helms Houston, TX Pre-Business
Thomas Hoch Austin, TX Mechanical Engineering
Charles Hubbard Dallas, TX Pre-Business
Dallas Margeson Albany, GA Biology /Pre-Medicine
Travis McNear Houston, TX Pre-Business
Cole Mueller Houston, TX Pre-Business
Matthew Pfluger Spicewood, TX Pre-Business
Carson Phillips Fort Worth, TX Pre-Business
William Reese V Beaumont, TX Pre-Business
Michael Ruwwe Austin, TX Pre-Busines
Stafford Sadler Austin, TX Pre-Business
Reed Schnake Houston, TX Engineering
Chase Scott Plano, TX Biology/Pre-Medicine
Casey Sheehan Bethesda, MD Undecided
Troy Stevenson Austin, TX Finance
Braden Stevenson Trophy Club, TX Pre-Business
Denton Stockseth Corpus Christi, TX Political Science
John Paul Watson Fort Worth, TX Political Science
Wyatt Wheeler Snowmass, CO Pre-Business
Daly Wood Houston, TX Pre-Business
Will Zimmerman Houston, TX Pre-Business

Spring Rush 2014

Texas Beta will be taking a pledge class of 10 new members for the spring 2014 semester.  As a new member you will be an extension of our fall 2013 pledge class.  Thus, your compatibility with our 2013 fall pledge class is extremely important.

Please send rush submissions and inquiries to

What are some things to include in rush submissions?

  • Contact Information
  • Résumés
  • Major & Minor

General questions may be sent to as well.


Watson Takes Oath as Student Rep

John Paul Watson won the race to be one of two Class of 2017 Student Representatives on September 10.  Watson is a freshman Political Science major from Fort Worth, TX.  As of the beginning of the semester Watson elected to join Sigma Alpha Epsilon and follow in the footsteps of his uncle who was also an SAE here at TCU.  Watson will undoubtedly make TCU proud as well as his brothers in SAE.

“I think it is an outstanding opportunity to represent the voice of the freshman class and serve the legitimate wants and needs of the Class of 2017,” Watson commented after taking oath on Tuesday.

Student Reps

Photo by Tyler Quinn.

For the article click here.

Gary Patterson is an American Icon

Patterson Lays into Miles & for Good Reason

GP & The Frogs

Gary Patterson stands by his decision to suspend Devonte Fields even after Les Miles reinstates Jeremy Hill…after he sucker punched a man outside a bar…while he was on probation…for having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl.

Patterson destroys Miles decision to let the team vote to decide whether or not if Hill is aloud to be reinstated. And shockingly, the team votes to let the star running back stay…weird. Patterson states that “that doesn’t teach life lessons.” I think it is safe to say that the majority of the US agrees.

Patterson raises another good point in saying that “I’m sure if it was some opponent they’d beat by 100 points [the players] wouldn’t have a vote.” Miles & the Tigers are definitely feeling the heat from their inevitable encounter with the Frogs on August 31.

Patterson vs. Miles

Patterson vs. Miles

fear the frog

Atwood Breaks Down Big XII Preseason Odds

SAE’s Patrick Atwood analyzes the preseason odds of the members of the Big XII.  Atwood pegs the Frogs at +500 behind Texas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State.  Below is Atwood’s analysis of TCU’s odds, but for the full article you can find it here at spitbloodtcu.  

“TCU: +500—I’m going to start by quickly highlighting a few of the reasons why I, along with most others, consider the Frogs a legitimate contender this year:

  •  Returning 9 starter’s from our 2012 top 25 defense; including Big 12 preseason Defensive Player of the Year            Devonte Fields
  • Casey Pachall and his band of WRs (Brandon Carter, Ladarius Brown, Ja’juan Story and Cam White)
  • Running backs Waymon James, B.J. Catalon, Aaron Green and Jordan Moore
  • Gary Patterson

Aside from the above reasons which I’m sure most of you were already aware of, there’s a laundry list of other reasons to be excited about this season and our chances of coming out on top. Most namely, last year’s top 2 teams (OU and KSU) should be taking a step back in 2013, leaving the door wide open for the rest of the conference. A healthy amount of talent and veteran leadership on both sides of the ball should prove very important, especially in the big road conference games. GP and the rest of the TCU athletic department stepped up to the plate by scheduling LSU week 1, making a pretty clear statement that they’re not scared to play anybody and for good reason. Now it’s going to be awhile (if ever) before we get the credit, especially in the preseason, that we deserve just based on our lack of history compared to the UT’s and OU’s of the world, but a week 1 win over LSU would be a big step in proving to the nation that we deserve a seat at the big boy table. Back to the matter at hand, the Big 12. Due to the parity throughout the league this year I predict 8-1 wins the conference outright so hypothetically speaking we have room to drop 1 conference game and still be named the conference champs. Although the Big 12 is void of a dominant force this year that doesn’t mean that there aren’t high-caliber teams that we’ll need to beat. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech will all be tough, but winnable games. The middle 1/3rd of our season will be the true test and will tell the story of whether or not we make a run at the conference title. Starting on October 5th @Oklahoma the Frogs have a month long stretch that includes games in Norman and Stillwater, and home games against Kansas and UT. This is the type of stretch where you find out what you’re made of and where a team can really prove itself and climb the national rankings as all of these teams (with the exception of KU) should be ranked in the top 25. Regardless of the team they put on the field, Stillwater has never been an easy place to get a win. For those of you who have never been to a game at Boone Pickens Stadium, it’s a very hostile environment which in and of itself makes it a tough place to play, throw a team out there with the ability to move the ball like the Cowboys do and it’s sure to be a shootout (if you do make it up to Stillwater for the game and have time to hang around on Sunday, I recommend playing a round of golf at Karsten Creek Golf Club. It’s certainly the highlight of Stillwater and the home course of the OSU golf team so after we get the W go play out there in your TCU game day shirt if you’re really lookin to mix it up with the Pokes). Gaylord-Memorial Stadium has more of a DKR feel to it but is equally as daunting an environment so getting out of OK 2-0 would be an impressive feat and would send us well on our way to our first Big 12 trophy. Now as for T-Tech and UT, everybody knows the stories with those two. For those of you who have never been to Lubbock, you might want to keep it that way—there aren’t any 5-star golf courses in Lubbock coming to mind so unfortunately you’re out of luck there but if you want to feel a hell of a lot better about wherever it is you call home, go spend 72 hours in the LBK. I’ll get to the Texas game in a couple of paragraphs, but in conclusion, from the most unbiased point of view I am capable of, I really do think the Frogs have as good a shot as any to take the conference and they are my preseason pick to bring home the hardware.”

The Original Texas Beta

The Original Texas Beta Still Close Knit

The Original Texas Beta


13 members of the original founding class of Texas Beta gathered for a golf tournament on May 28, 2013 at Waterchase Golf Course in Arlington. These 13 gentleman represented not only the inaugural class of Texas Beta but the TCU class of 1959. Ted Rickenbacher organized the event and coordinated with alumni of Texas Tech and Fresno State so they could join the camaraderie. The men enjoyed a beautiful day on the golf course and exchanged what was sure to be spirited conversation and stories. Among the members included John Clark, the first Eminent Archon of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at TCU. The group included Bruce Barker, Jim Boley, John Bonnet, John Clark, Don Flannigan, Allen Howeth, Richard McHargue, Jim Phipps, Ted Rickenbacher, Grady Shropshire, Larry Smith, Greg Thomas, and Bobby Tyler. The men plan to make this tournament a tradition and continue it every 6 months. This is a perfect example of how fraternities can create and nurture life long friendships.


Rushee Profile & Requirements

Texas Beta is looking to bring in a high quality class of ~35 new members for the 2013-2014 school year.  Young men attempting to rush SAE should have several of the characteristics listed below.  The characteristics are not mandatory but help greatly in the new member selection process.

  • A Strong High School Academic Performance
  • Participation in Extracurricular Activities
  • Participation in Student Clubs or Organizations
  • Have Held a Position in a Student Club or Organization
  • Good People Skills
  • A Clean Record

A new member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon will be expected to adhere to the guidelines listed below.

  • Show a Clear Commitment to Academics
  • Join and Participate in Student Organizations
  • A Desire to Create Lifelong Friendships
  • Must Demonstrate the Ability to Balance Social Events with Academics
  • Always Uphold the Profile of a True Gentleman

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in the removal of a new member from the fraternity.  All rush submissions or inquiries may be emailed to